Strategic Marketing for Small Practices

Strategic Marketing for Small Practices
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Strategic Marketing for Small Practices
What is a Strategic Marketing Coach?

Any explanation of a strategic marketing coach would have to begin with details about strategic marketing. Strategic marketing simply means that you are pinpointing your target group with your marketing. For example, if you are a pediatrician, you don’t need to market your services or your business to single twenty-somethings who don’t have children. Catchfire Coaching for Doctors can help you determine the best marketing strategies and avenues specific to your business and your clientele. Dr. Chandler George is a marketing strategist who specializes in precisely what you need to help expand your client or patient base and see your small practice grow.

Who Needs a Strategic Marketing Coach?

Every business can benefit from strategic marketing. The idea is to get your name into the minds of potential customers or patients. Strategic marketing coaches, like Dr. Chandler George, are particularly adept at helping business owners target a specific audience in the most efficient manner. Many marketing strategists can also help you set up systems to track this efficiency. That will help you determine precisely how great Catchfire Coaching for Doctors can be for your business. Small business owners, particularly when your business is a doctor’s office, chiropractic office, or holistic medical practice, should be able to focus on their primary task of helping others. When you have to also try to figure out how to attract additional clients, it leaves less time for your patient care. Since the patients are supposed to be your primary focus and your area of expertise, it only makes sense to leave the marketing to someone with that particular expertise as well. If you are interested in what Catchfire Coaching for Doctors can do for your business, even if you would simply like additional information, please contact us at 888-848-3252.


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