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Why Did You Start A Business? – Dallas Tx

Why Marketing is So Important As a doctor, practitioner or holistic care health professional, you've probably started a business to provide your healing services to the public. Starting a business is a wonderful opportunity for you to do something that you love and to help those around you. No matter what type of healthcare business you've…
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Why Do You Need Business Goals? – Dallas, Tx

When things are going well with your business, it's tempting to leave well enough alone. Your goal is to keep things running smoothly and continue to have a source of income. Developing business goals, however, is important for a number of reasons. Thankfully, Catchfire Coaching for Doctors can help you develop the business goals you…
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Starting a Business Is Not Easy and Why You Need a Coach – Dallas Tx

Are you thinking of initiating a business? Do you know the nitty-gritty involved in running a healthy business? Well,  Dr. Chandler George  as a specialist in business as well as marketing is here to aid you through the entire process. It is very tiring running an institution as well as manage employees that not objective driven.…
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Marketing is Not Just for Fun – Why You Market Your Business -Dallas TX

Why Is Marketing So Important? Marketing your business and utilizing the services of a marketing strategiest is so vital because it can help bring in new clients to your healthcare company. Whether you are a doctor who just opened  a new practice or someone who wants to bring holistic healthcare to the public, marketing can…
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