CatchFire Coaching: Scheduling Your Marketing Calendar 4 Months In Advance

CatchFire Coaching: Scheduling Your Marketing Calendar 4 Months In Advance
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Scheduling Your Marketing Calendar

4 Months In Advance

Not all chiropractic professionals have enough time to attend a full practice management marketing course. However, there’s one way they can take advantage of learning how to manage their practice’s marketing prospects.

 A marketing calendar. This type of calendar is a schedule of both specific and targeted promotions, in addition to planned marketing sequences, made for the purpose of marketing your business during a certain period of time. Of course, it’s made with the purpose of attracting more clients without feeling too overwhelmed about starting a full fledged marketing campaign.

Plenty of professionals create marketing calenders to have a blueprint of sorts for their marketing plan. The best part is that your marketing calendar can be created months in advance.

 Your 4 Month Plan

Marketing nowadays includes social media (Facebook posts, tweets, pins, etc), testimonials from clients, web content (blog posts, articles, etc), web seminars (‘webinars’), special promotions and sales (online and offline).

 Before You Start:

  1. Make a list of sales, promotions and/or marketing launches you’ve completed in the past. Learn what worked and what didn’t work.
  1. Make a list of new promotions, sales and launches you wish to offer in the future, along with their projected dates.
  1. Review dates before adding them to marketing calendar. Do some dates overlap? Do some days take place during quieter times of the year? Change dates if you feel appropriate.
  1. Select an appropriate time period to run marketing campaign. Some may prefer a three week period with a one week ‘rest period’ for each month. Or, two campaigns spaced out over the four month period. Whatever works.

The 4 Month Calendar

  1. Plot the campaigns on your calendar—any calendar will do. Just don’t forget to write in pencil. You can also use a virtual calendar to plot out a campaign; just make sure you’re able to set up notifications for that calendar. Naturally, you’re going to want to delegate four months to the campaign.
  1. Figure out an appropriate structure for your campaign. A good campaign structure works like ‘pre-launch promotions → mid pre-launch push → end of pre-launch promotions/start of main campaign → mid-campaign push → end of main campaign.’ Of course, you don’t have to use that structure—it’s just an example of many.
  1. Fine tune the details after plotting the main marketing campaign. There’s a lot you can do at this stage. Some add in enhancements to the main campaign, such as additional marketing pushes in the form of consumer engagement.

Others like to run pre-launch campaigns in the months leading to the main campaign, using the entire four month period for the main campaign. It’s pretty easy to get carried away with planning a marketing calendar—that’s why they’re highly recommended for any chiropractic professional.

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