Did you make a Profit from Taxes Day? – Dallas, TX

Did you make a Profit from Taxes Day? – Dallas, TX

When it comes to taxes, most people think of losing money. After all, they come out of your paycheck – and if you aren’t careful, you’ve got to make the biggest payment of all in early April. For small businesses, though, tax season can be something of a financial miracle. While you still might have to deal with your own tax burdens, you’ve got the potential to make quite a bit of money when it comes to how others deal with their own. The season of refunds is upon you, and you’ve got to wonder whether you did everything that you could to make a profit from taxes day.

When it comes to making it through one of the busiest financial days of the year, “marketing my small business” needs to be near the top of your to-do list. In fact, you might as well move “marketing my small business” to the top of every list, because failure to do so is going to rob you of the lifeblood of any good business – new customers. If you can’t bring in new people, you can’t bring in new money. That’s why you’ve got to strike when you know that people actually have money to spend – tax day.

Marketing strategies around tax day can be deceptively simple. Offer a small discount – maybe a dollar and forty cents off of a product, or perhaps a specific discount for those who come in with a W-2 – and watch the new customers come in. You’re not just commiserating with them about the burden of paying taxes, but you’re also taking advantage of the fact that some of these potential customers might have a bit of refund money left to spend. Acknowledging tax day with a small sale or discount is a great way to market your business during tax season.

If you really want the tax season to pay off for you, you must work on your marketing strategies. Look into ways to attract new customers on this most financially important day of the year, and make sure that you position your business as a place where refunds can be spent and where a tightly-stretched dollar will be valued. If you are still looking for ways to make the most out of this financial season or you have other worries about taxes, make sure to contact us for more information at info@marketmysmallbusiness.com.


Dr. Chandler George


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