How To Use FB Marketing For Your Business Without Getting Shut Down – Dallas, TX

How To Use FB Marketing For Your Business Without Getting Shut Down – Dallas, TX

For anyone searching “tips on marketing my small business,” Facebook is definitely the  answer. Not only can you send out promotions and easily make customers aware of your deals and specials, but you can allow your customers to directly interact with you and each other on this platform. However, if businesses make poor decisions concerning their Facebook marketing strategies, they can easily find their accounts being terminated. Here’s who to use FB marketing for your business without getting shut down.

Keep Everything Honest – Never lie about your product or put out false claims on your Facebook page. If you do this, your customers may complain to Facebook that you aren’t being truthful. “When it comes to marketing my small business, my number one rule is to always be truthful,” said one small business owner who’s enjoyed what Facebook’s had to offer.

Don’t Post Ads Directly On Customer’s Walls – If you post your ads directly on customers’ walls, this can be viewed as spam. Facebook is extremely vigilant about ensuring that customers don’t receive spam from businesses and doing this can lead to the permanent removal of your account.

Don’t Post Copyrighted Material – Be sure that you own the rights to any photos, articles or materials that you post on your company’s Facebook profile. Should your Facebook marketing strategies include stolen copyrighted material, you may end up witnessing the closure of your account.

Watch Your Language – While profanity isn’t outright banned on Facebook, it can lead to customer complaints, which can result in at least a temporary closure of your account. Even if you have an edgy business, such as a bar or an adult-interest product, it’s best to keep the language in your social media profiles PG.

Monitor Customer Interaction – It’s sad but true: Online, people will start fighting over just about anything. Even the most innocuous of topics can result in outlandish political discussions within the comments. Monitor your customer interactions to make sure that these disputes aren’t breaking out, and that if they do occur, they are resolved and the offending parties removed from your profile.

It isn’t too terribly difficult to ensure that your Facebook profile isn’t removed. However, there are a few blunders that even well-meaning businesses find themselves making. If you follow these guidelines, you should enjoy a Facebook profile for your business that remains intact and within the website’s standards. Keep your customer interaction happy and upbeat and you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that FB marketing offers businesses.


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