How You Know You Have the Right Staff Person

How You Know You Have the Right Staff Person
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How You Know You Have the Right Staff PersonĀ – Dallas TX

Due to the fact that the current job market is so much more competitive now than it has been for many a year, it can be difficult at first to know if you are hiring the right staff for your business. As a business owner you will want to grow and expand your business, and one way in which you can do that is to hire the kind of employees that can help carry a business forward.

Choosing the Right Candidate

During the selection process, you need to be aware of your ability to be able to judge the applicants that appear in front of you. Finding the right staff person rests on your abilities to judge character, competence and their potential. Hiring staff is never an easy job, and just because a candidate comes across well in the interview, it does not mean that they are going to be able to do the job, or have the right personality to fit in with the other staff you already have.

Qualities of a Good Staff Person

They need to have a strong work ethic. That is to say that they need to be able to work hard, either as part of a team or on their own initiative. In any business, all it takes is one weak link to devalue the tireless work of the other members of the business.

They need to have the right attitude. This goes almost hand in hand with having a strong work ethic, as they need to be able to perform the tasks they are given with the minimum of fuss.

They need to be well presented and pleasant. They say that courtesy costs nothing, and this is true. It is all well and good hiring an employee that is good at their job; however, if they are dealing with people and they have a bad attitude then all that hard work will count for nothing.

Qualities of a Bad Staff Person

Stubbornness and insubordination are two of the worst qualities that any employee can have, as this can lead to friction and resentment among the rest of the staff.

Laziness is another trait of a bad staff person, and this means that if they are not pulling their weight, everyone else has to do extra work to make up for it, and this is something that can affect new and old employees alike.


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