Launching Your Business to the Next Level: Even Olympic Athletes Set Goals – Dallas, TX

Launching Your Business to the Next Level: Even Olympic Athletes Set Goals – Dallas, TX

It might seem strange to suggest that doctors need to set goals. After all, they’re clearly motivated. They’ve finished med school. Many have their own practices or work for prestigious hospitals. But for those who are finding their career goals stalled or worse, who have no career goals, calling on a marketing strategist might be in order. It’s a wise move after all. Even Olympic athletes set goals. I’m Dr. Chandler George, owner of Catchfire Coaching for Doctors, and I have the following observations about goal-setting that can help you bring more business through your door.

Any Road Will Get You There

It’s one of the most famous lines in all of literature. It’s from Alice in Wonderland. You probably remember the scene. Alice meets the Cheshire Cat for the first time to ask directions in this strange land she finds herself in. When he asks where she’s going, she replies that she doesn’t know. Then comes the famous line, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

That, in a nutshell, is what happens to your professional and personal life when you don’t set goals. Let me ask you this. Have you ever wondered, really wondered how it is that an Olympic athlete can train his body to run the miles it takes to complete and even win a marathon? It’s all in breaking the big run down into smaller, measurable goals, ones that are attainable.

For example, maybe you can’t run five miles today, let alone the 26 miles it takes to run a marathon. But you can probably walk a mile or perhaps jog/ walk a mile. Finishing that first mile is the first step — no pun intended — to getting to your 26 miles.

The Secret to Setting Effective Goals

Setting goals for your business works much the same way. If you want to bring more clients through your doors, how would you do that? Build a website? Advertise in the local newspaper or glossy magazine? Keep up with a thousand followers on Twitter?

And how would you know what that looks like, anyway? That’s where goal-setting comes in. If you don’t know how many new clients you want over what period of time, how do you know how many is enough? How do you know what the process looks like as you bring them into your business? By having goals, that’s how. The reality is having 100 new customers on your patient list starts with the one new customer that comes through the door. But getting the first one can be tricky.

What Stops You?

The problem is, like many professionals, you may not know how to bring in new clients or you may not have the time to deal with all that goes into client list-building and goal-setting. That’s where a marketing strategist really can help. I’ve worked with numerous clients in the health and beauty industry and have a 100% guaranteed method of building your practice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 30 years or 30 days.

Dr. Chandler George is the owner of Catchfire Coaching for Doctors. Contact him today at 888-848-3252 for a free consultation.


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