What are the biggest Are Holes Lurking in Your Business Bucket?

What are the biggest Are Holes Lurking in Your Business Bucket?
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What are the biggest Are Holes Lurking in Your Business Bucket?

Compare your chiropractic business to a bucket. If you think your business isn’t as successful as it could be, it may be because your bucket has holes in it. Those holes represent weaknesses in your operation that will surely lead to a loss of revenue. Furthermore, you may be unaware of the specific areas that require urgent attention.
As a doctor, you excel at recognizing your patients’ symptoms and thereby being able to prescribe the appropriate treatment. However, your practice is still a business. It must be expertly managed as one if maximum success is to be achieved. That means those weak areas have to be identified and then shored up. If you’re unsure of how to do that, a professional marketing strategist may be precisely what you need.

Warning Symptoms

I, Dr. Chandler George, have been helping the small practices of chiropractors and other medical professionals with internet marketing for 20-plus years. As a successful chiropractor and marketing strategist, I am aware that the commercial side of a practice can be inadvertently slighted. You can only do so much. That’s why I founded Catchfire Coaching for Doctors. Ask yourself these questions:

• Is your support staff adequately trained and tuned in to your expectations?
• Are you experiencing more missed calls or appointments than you should?
• Is patient follow-up sufficient?
• Are you utilizing all avenues of marketing tools available?

If you’re hesitant about any of your answers, it’s time to do what many of your professional colleagues have already done. Allow the renowned practice-management service, Catchfire Coaching for Doctors, to advise you.

Surefire Cure

With my help to guide you via our Catchfire Coaching for Doctors practice management marketing consulting group, you can learn how to improve the business side of your practice. Contact us for more information at 888-848-3252.

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