If you don’t like the idea of signing off your practice’s hard-earned money to pay a slacker’s unemployment, you already know one great reason to seek a business coach/practice consultant. Dr. Chandler George, business coach and marketing strategiest knows that employee longevity rides high on the list of reasons to hire a professional. Frequent employee turnover is destructive to practice stability. It generates anxiety and lack of trust from remaining staff, which easily spills over to clients and referral sources.

Pleasing the Patient

A practice that appears incapable of maintaining a steady employee base raises questions in the patient’s mind:

  • If they can’t hang on to a receptionist or an office manager, how do I know my records are safe?
  • Will there be strangers here to work with me every time I have an appointment?
  • Are orders regarding my care being followed throuģh?
  • Is confidentiality breeched?

Lack of patient confidence equals attrition and that rings the death knell to a practice. Conversely, a congenial, well-organized staff that establishes a long term relationship with patients is a priceless asset. This is why another important consideration that a coach will bring to the table is employee screening.

The receptionist who books an appointment has created the first impression of the provider before the call is even completed. Are they friendly? Attentive? Organized? An office nurse or assistant who seems poorly qualified to perform their job brings the doctor’s knowledge and skill into question. Techniques for searching, interviewing and setting up appropriate employment probation options are issues to be dealt with while in business coaching.

Satisfying the Staff

Maintaining a satisfied staff will also be emphasized in coaching. Creating a pleasant, efficient, safe-feeling environment occurs in many ways. An effective consultant will help establish a clearly-stated mission statement and well-defined office protocols and procedures. They will guide in the production of a thorough office handbook that leaves little question about the expectations of the employer.

Smiling All the Way to the Bank

Billing and insurance management are an art of their own that goes beyond just the human touch. A maze of system options can cause an overwhelming paralysis in making this critical decision. Business coaching is there to untangle the confusion and guide you the right technological choice for your business office. Subsequently, they will work with your billing staff to produce the best possible results for your accounts-receivables. Moving clients through an office visit effectively is another process your business coach will help you refine. Upon their last stop at the checkout, your goal is for a satisfied, “I’d recommend this place to my friends,” to be your patient’s attitude.

Getting the Word Out

With a high-function practice in operation, marketing strategiest Dr. Chandler George will guide you in effective marketing approaches to make your surrounding community aware of the service that you offer. Defining the demographics and exploring cost-effective promotion are part of his coaching process. With planning and coaching you can create a streamlined, friendly, efficient environment in which to welcome patients and their families.

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