Modern Marketing Tips to Make Your Practice Thrive – Dallas Tx

Modern Marketing Tips to Make Your Practice Thrive – Dallas Tx
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The world of business is far different than it was just a few short decades ago. Today when choosing a doctor, patients have the power of the Internet at their hands, and they can quickly do research, seek out reviews, and make other quick decisions at the click of a mouse. Since potential clients are able to critique you without ever visiting the office, it’s now more important than ever to employ modern marketing to make your practice thrive.

Reach Out For Networking Opportunities 

While it’s nice when a satisfied patient refers a friend or family member to your practice, there are more proactive ways in which you can actually reach out and obtain referrals through networking. One low-cost networking opportunity you should take advantage of is to contact other area physicians and offer to bring a platter to a lunch meeting. Here, you can review your techniques while encouraging new relationships that can bring you business.

Free Samples 

You often have to spend money to make money, and a great investment you can make in your business is to purchase promotional products to offer for free to patients or at health fairs and other public events. People love receiving freebies, and, when you offer them something such as a pen or coffee mug, you can be sure their friends and family will eventually see them using it. You could even offer a free service such as flu shots. This humanitarian act will encourage your reputation and increase trust within the community.

Social Media 

If you’re not yet active on social media, you need to be. Facebook alone has 1.49 billion monthly active users, and the average user has 338 friends. For every patient that provides positive feedback, imagine the exposure you could receive through exposure on their social networking sites.

Dr. Chandler George: Catchfire Coaching for Doctors 

Dr. Chandler George, author of Catchfire Coaching for Doctors, is a marketing strategiest and coach. He has developed and mastered various ways for those in the medical field to make the most of their staff and other resources in order to best market their services. He has made it his mission to teach other doctors the secrets of modern marketing and how to keep up with the competition. To find out more about this renowned marketing strategiest and how he can help your practice succeed, call us today at 888-848-3252.

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