Want to sell your practice (s)?  We can help. First you need to tell us about you and your practice. Click this link and a survey will pop up. Answer the questions as best you can. This is so we have enough information to talk intelligently with you about your practice and see if you are a good fit.


We offer broker services, prepare your practice for sale. Meaning to help many other docs and businesses want to buy your clinic.


Privacy so your patient base never knows, same with staff.


Much like a multi-million dollar home your practice must be staged while open and growing for business, to get top dollar. We do this.


It can take up to 3 years and many times 1 year in advance before your clinic is ready for the market. Even if you try sell it on your own I can promise you wont get what you should have.


Fill out the survey, ask for appointment. You will be free soon.


In the mean time, when you do fill out the survey we will send you a eBook on steps you must take now to value your clinic before sale.

If you are looking to sell your practice, Catchfire Coaching with Dr. Chandler George can help you get your practice ready for sale.

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